About Us

Fall River Propane was established in 1999, originally as a service to Fall River Electric owner-members who were seeking a propane provider.  However, the company’s reputation of providing excellent customer service, fair prices, and attention to the safety of its customers has caused its customer base to expand beyond just the members of Fall River Electric. In fact, because of our growth, FR Propane became a totally separate company in 2004, but remains under the ownership of Fall River Electric.

We are a full service propane provider with trained and certified technicians who pay special attention to the safety aspects of your propane service. Fall River Propane has consistently grown every year it has been in business, due in large part to the basic principles of customer service, honesty, and competitive pricing.

In a recent customer satisfaction survey of all propane providers in Eastern Idaho and Southwestern Montana, Fall River Propane earned the highest score in the areas of quality of the service received, and the friendliness of our drivers and staff. In fact, our satisfaction score was nearly THREE times higher than our nearest competitor, and FOUR times higher than the average of ALL propane providers in the region.

Experience the difference for yourself!

Call Fall River Propane at 1.800.632.5726 from anywhere.

Fall River Propane is governed by a six member Board of Directors including the following:

Bryan Case
Board President

Merrick Young
Vice President

Don Betts

Fall River Propane is managed by:

J.T. Hill

Are you also a Fall River Electric member? Did you know that the profits earned by Fall River Propane, because it is owned by YOU, the members of Fall River Electric, are returned to the electric company’s members through your Patronage Capital account? That means every time YOU buy from Fall River Propane, a portion of its profits come back to you! So buy from the company you own, and share in the profits.