Fall River Propane both rents and sells propane tanks. Our above ground tanks come in 120 gallon, 250, 500, and 1,000 gallon sizes. You can rent a tank for as little as $60 a year! Underground or buried tanks come in either 500 or 1,000 gallon sizes. Ask our friendly Member Services representative for a quote on the rental or purchase price of any of these tanks. Professional installation is available by certified and trained technicians on whatever style and size tank you choose.

When deciding the size and style of the tank, remember, regulations require tanks to be placed AT LEAST ten feet from a building structure or property boundary. Also, make sure your tank can be easily accessed for future propane deliveries, especially taking into consideration the winter snow conditions.

Fall River Propane also provides both exterior and interior gas piping. Exterior piping is billed at $3 a foot, while interior piping is $9 a foot. Piping inside buildings MUST be inspected by a State Inspector before being utilized.

Piping considerations include; what the line is being run to, how far the tank is from the structure, how many BTUs are required, whether there is a crawl space or basement, and others factors. Our installation technician will be able to make the final determination as to what is needed and the approximate cost.

The average cost to install an above ground tank is $400. Underground tank installation averages $1,500. The underground tank installation cost can be reduced if you provide the excavation and sand required to set the tank.