What are the typical sizes of propane tanks for my home?

propane tank sizes
Propane tanks come in a range of sizes, and choosing the right size for your Idaho, Montana or Wyoming home depends on the kind of propane appliances you intend to run.

Here are some common propane tank sizes and some of the appliances they typically power:

  • 120 gallon – For water heaters, space heaters and pool heaters, as well as ovens, ranges and clothes dryers (holds 100 gallons of propane)
  • 250 gallon – For generators, pool heaters, and a combination of appliances (holds 200 gallons of propane)
  • 500 gallon – For central heating and pool heaters (holds 400 gallons of propane)
  • 1000 gallon – For large homes and commercial applications (holds 850 gallons of propane)

Is my propane tank the right size?

Efficiency is all about choosing the right-sized tool for a job – and picking a propane tank is no exception.

If you’ve added propane appliances to your home over the years but haven’t changed your tank to keep up with the greater need for energy, you could be refilling too often and paying more than you need to for your Auto-Fill propane deliveries. If you don’t use Auto-Fill, you could even run out of propane, which can be a costly and potentially dangerous mistake.

If, on the other hand, your tank is too big, it takes more propane to fill it—and the cost to fill your tank will be higher than it needs to be.

If you’re not sure your propane tank is the right size, contact us. We’ll look at how much gas you need and how often you need deliveries.

If you decide to rent a new tank, we’ll swap in a new propane tank for FREE. The installation will be quick, safe, hassle-free, and in compliance with all EPA and state codes and laws. We’ll even free pressure leak check, which is something we do whenever we install a new tank.

Get a FREE first year tank rental on a 3-year rental agreement – a savings of up to $185 per year depending upon the size of tank. Contact Fall River Propane today to learn more!

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