What is a propane wall heater?

propane space wall heater
When most people think of heating a home, they think of central heating via a furnace or boiler. But in some smaller, more compact spaces, that solution can be overkill.

That’s where propane wall heaters come in.

Compact and easy to install, propane gas heaters are a safe and practical heating solution for smaller spaces, or for problem rooms that never seem to get quite warm enough to enjoy.

With proper installation, placement, and maintenance, your propane wall heater will deliver even, efficient heat month after month, providing these great benefits in your home.

  • Quick startup – Most wall heaters will heat up in a minute or two, providing fast and efficient heat when you need it the most.
  • Lower bills and longer-lasting heating equipment – By taking the stress and strain off your central heating system, a wall heater will not only lower your heating bills, but it will also make your primary heating equipment last longer and experience fewer repairs along the way.
  • Precision temperature control – Most propane wall heaters have thermostats, enabling you to precisely control the temperature of your room.
  • Long-lasting heat – Heat from a wall heater typically lasts for hours, even after the unit has been turned off.
  • Quiet operation – Today’s high-efficiency Rinnai propane wall heaters are whisper quiet – you’ll barely know they’re on.
  • Space savings – Wall-mounted propane heaters are great space savers, since they attach directly to a wall rather than taking up floor space.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – Installation of a propane wall heater takes a few hours, since there’s no ductwork to worry about.

Whether you want to save a little money or just want a quick way to warm up, propane wall heaters can be a great solution for small spaces or supplemental heating. They’re affordable, space-saving, and provide lots of even, high-efficiency heat. Why not check them out for your home?

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