What affects the price of propane?

What affects the price of propane?

The price of crude oil gets a lot of attention on the news, since it has a direct impact on the price of the gasoline we use to fill our cars and trucks.  But does the price of crude oil affect the cost of propane?

The short answer is yes – but it’s more complicated than that.

Because propane is refined from commodities that are traded in the global market (crude oil, along with natural gas), the price of propane can fluctuate depending on unforeseen economic, political, climate and other factors.

Some of the factors that influence propane prices include:

  • Supply and demand – The price of a commodity fluctuates based on need. If winter is harsh and long, prices will go up. Production and inventory levels and seasonality will also affect pricing (a good reason why “shoulder seasons” – like now in the late Spring/early Summer months – are often a great time to schedule a propane delivery).
  • Weather – Cold weather will not simply impact supply or demand – it could also affect fuel production, creating a shortage of fuel that drives up pricing.
  • Proximity of supply – The closer you live to a main distribution point for propane, the less your average cost of fuel will be.
  • Market need – Customers will pay consistently higher prices for propane in winter, when they need it most. Conversely, industry use of propane tends to peak in the warmer months, when propane-fueled vehicles and machinery are more in demand.

As you can see, there’s a lot of unpredictability involved in the propane pricing equation, which is why prices vary so much.

How to find MY current propane price?

At Fall River Propane, we know it can be challenging when propane prices change – and we know you want to stay on top of current propane prices so you can make good decisions about buying your fuel.

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When you order propane online, you’ll see the price per gallon at the moment you order when you set up your online account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to FallRiverPropane.com
  2. Click on ‘Login/Pay Online
  3. Enter in your Email/Password to Login (If you’re a customer; you just need your account number!)
  4. Click the ‘Request Delivery’ Tab
  5. Scroll to Bottom of the Page to see the Real-time Propane Pricing

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