Level Pay Plan: Predictability In Uncertain Times

predictable heating bills idahoWhen you live in uncertain times, as we do now, anything that can add a little stability to our lives would probably be welcomed by most of us.

The good news is that our Level Pay Plan can help bring a little predictability to your bill-paying, at no cost to you.

If you pay for your propane deliveries as you go, you have probably gotten at least one unwelcomed surprise propane bill over the years. With our Level Pay Plan, those surprises would become a thing of the past.

Here’s how Level Pay works: we’ll estimate the amount of fuel you’ll use in a year based on your past bills*, then divide that total into 12 equal, affordable payments. With Level Pay, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay for your fuel every month, rather than worrying about any unwelcomed surprises.

Add Auto-Fill for even more peace of mind!

Our Level Pay Plan helps take the stress of paying for your propane down a notch by letting you know exactly how much your fuel will cost well in advance of the billing date. But, Auto-Fill takes things to another level by taking away the burden of having to remember to order fuel.

With Auto-Fill, we’ll estimate your fuel delivery date based on a combination of your past use and the current weather, delivering your propane when your tank is about one-quarter full; you’ll never have to call or even look at your fuel gauge again!

The best part is Auto-Fill is absolutely FREE – in fact, you’ll actually save a $7.50 fee on every propane delivery! You’ll also get priority service compared to Will Call customers – a nice benefit in severe Rocky Mountain weather.

If you want even more certainty about your propane deliveries, consider a WESROC remote propane tank monitor, which (for a small fee) tells us (and you) exactly how much propane is in your tank, 24/7!

In uncertain times, get predictable heating bills with a Level Pay plan from Fall River Propane. Contact us to sign up today and get dependable propane delivery all across Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming!

* You must have been a Fall River Propane customer for one year prior to enrollment