How To Get Your Propane Fireplace Ready For Winter

gas fireplace idahoA propane fireplace can be a great source of cozy comfort on a cold night – and with many of us spending more time than usual at home this fall and winter, a little comfort can go a long way.

But before you fire up your propane hearth for the first time this year, it’s a good idea to do some prep work to make sure it’s running safely and reliably from day one. Here are six tips for doing that.

Fireplace Winter Ready Checklist

  1. Clear the vents – Leaves, branches, and other debris can get into your fireplace vent during the offseason; be sure to clear it to avoid having a fire or carbon monoxide hazard in your home.
  2. Inspect your insert – If you have a glass-enclosed fireplace insert, check the casing for cracks or chips; the enclosure helps keep harmful gases out of your living space. Make sure the glass closes securely and operates properly.
  3. Clean your ceramic logs – A propane gas log set can get dusty in the offseason, which could cause an unpleasant burning smell when you start a fire. When cleaning a propane gas log set,
    • Make sure your propane gas valve is closed before performing any work or cleaning
    • Photograph your logs so you can return them to their exact positions
    • Use a handheld vacuum and/or microfiber cloth to remove dust
    • Return logs to their original position.
  4. Don’t forget the blower – If your fireplace insert or propane fireplace has a fan or blower, use a vacuum or duster to clear away any excess dust.
  5. Check the pilot Light – If your fireplace has a pilot light (rather than an electronic ignition), inspect it visually; if the flame burns yellow, you could have a leak; contact us for service.
  6. Schedule professional maintenance – Like any fuel-burning appliance, a propane gas fireplace should be maintained by a professional every year to keep it running safely and efficiently. Contact us for a propane fireplace inspection and cleaning to make sure your propane hearth is running at its best.

Keep your home cozy this winter with propane fireplace installation and service from Fall River! Contact us today to learn more about propane fireplace installations, propane fireplace maintenance, and propane gas delivery in eastern Idaho, southwestern Montana, and western Wyoming.