Learn the Benefits of Our Level Pay Budget Plan

Level Pay Is Your Friend This Winter—And Beyond!

propane delivery montanaAs the whirlwind that is the holiday season hits us, many of us are looking forward to the new year, and for ways to make our lives a bit easier—and a little less expensive, too.

One way you can achieve that goal is by enrolling in Fall River Propane’s Level Pay Budget Plan! It’s simple, convenient, and makes planning your household budget so much easier.

How Does Level Pay Work?

Look at your Fall River Propane bills from the previous year. You’ll notice that during some months, you pay more than others for your propane—which is especially true if you use propane to heat your home. At a time when you have additional expenditures due to the holidays and tax season, your propane expenses are likely going to be significantly higher given the frigid, Midwest Winter weather.

However, when you enroll in the Level Pay Budget Plan, there’s no more up-and-down with your propane costs. First, we’ll evaluate your prior years’ propane usage. From there, we’ll use that data to establish your fixed, monthly payment. Now, rather than field most of your annual propane expenses during the winter season, you’ll spread your costs over 12 monthly payments! When you know what your propane expenses will be each month, it becomes far easier to plan your household budget.

All Fall River Propane customers who have been with us at least one year are eligible to enroll in our Level Pay Budget Plan.

Additional Ways to Manage Your Propane Costs

  • Creating an online Fall River Propane account allows you to pay your bill, review statements, review your propane usage, and more, any time of day or night on a desktop, laptop or smartphone!
  • Our AutoPay option makes paying your Fall River Propane super easy! Each month, we’ll automatically deduct your monthly payment from your credit card—no need to call or mail in a check.
  • Still calling-in your propane deliveries? Switch to Auto-Delivery today and get propane when you need it—without the hassles! We’ll monitor your propane usage alongside the current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need your propane tank filled. From there, we’ll make a delivery before you run low, with no calls required.
  • Wireless propane tank monitoring services are the ultimate convenience! Using the same wireless technology as your smartphone, our small, easy—to-install monitors track in real-time exactly how much propane is in your tank. What’s better? You can track your propane usage as well with an easy-to-use smartphone app that shows the exact percentage in your tank from anywhere, at any time.

Fall River Propane makes managing your propane costs easy. Contact us today learn more about our delivery services, or to enroll in our Level Pay Budget Plan.