How Much Propane Do I Use in a Day?

Knowing How Much Gas You Use Provides Better Control of Your Supply!

home propane useMost homeowners don’t realize just how important propane is in keeping their house running properly. Several household items in your home, such as the water heaters, furnace, fireplace, and grill could all require propane to run, which begs the question, “How much propane does each of these items—and how much does my entire home—use in a day?”

There are several variables that influence propane usage. The weather, your home, and your propane appliances all have an impact on how much propane you consume throughout the winter. Naturally, you have the least amount of control with the weather. If the winter is especially harsh and lengthy, you’ll burn more propane than usual.

Your house, too, has a significant influence. One way is in terms of how well-insulated and resistant to drafts or heat loss your home is. Another is whether your home’s heating system is a new, well-maintained, and highly efficient system. Use of propane wall and space heaters for supplemental heating can impact your propane usage.

In terms of lifestyle, one of the most crucial aspects is the desired temperature for your home. The number of people who live there and whether you work remotely are two more things to affect how much propane you use.

Propane Appliance Burn Rates

Taking all these variables into the equation, here is a look at the daily average burn rates for the most common propane appliance:

Water Heaters

Depending on the number of bathrooms you have in your home or the number of people living in the house, your daily average usage may vary. However, most homes will average about 1.5 gallons of propane a day for their water heater or roughly 200-300 gallons a year.

Heating Systems

Furnaces and boilers often account for one of the highest propane burn rates in the home. When in use, these appliances can burn as much as one gallon of propane per hour. Depending on how often you use it, this could translate to more than 1,000 gallons of propane during heating season—and in our neck of the woods, it could be up to 25% higher.

Supplemental Appliances

A propane gas fireplace uses about 1 gallon of propane for every two hours of use. With “average” use, a propane gas fireplace will use about 200 gallons of propane every year. The average propane stove uses around 65,000 BTU every hour. So, in this instance, a stove would use between 20 to 50 gallons of propane every year. Gas dryers will use about 15-25 gallons of propane per year on average.

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