What Happens if My Propane Tank Runs Empty?

Avoid the Hassle and Expense of a Run-Out!

propane delivery idahoIf you use propane in your home, you’re likely familiar with all the benefits it provides, such as energy efficiency and comfortable home heating as well as powering countless supplemental appliances such as cooking ranges, gas fireplaces and space heaters, and more.

However, to enjoy any—or all—of those things, you need to make sure that you always have enough propane in your tank. If you traditionally call in your propane deliveries, otherwise known as “Will-Call”, it’s up to you to regularly monitor your propane tank gauge levels to ensure you contact us before you run low. (FYI: We recommend that you don’t let your tank fall below 30% full before requesting a delivery!)

If you forget to check, you run the risk of running out of propane. That’s something nobody wants to be faced with, especially when winter weather turns brutally cold as it can here in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming.

Auto-Delivery & Tank Monitoring Ensure Your Propane Supply

Fortunately, Fall River Propane has two great tools to ensure that you’ll always have propane at your home.

  1. Our most popular delivery option is Auto-Delivery. We’ll track your propane usage by calculating your prior usage levels alongside the real-time weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need your next fill-up. We promptly schedule a delivery to your home. You don’t have to do a thing!
  2. Want even more precision when it comes to your propane delivery? Wireless propane tank monitoring from Otodata does that for you. Our tank monitor uses wireless and cellular technology to keep us informed— 24/7/365—exactly how much propane is in your tank. Once it reaches a set level, we’ll get a notification and schedule the delivery. What’s better? You can also check your propane supply anywhere you get a cell phone signal thanks to our easy-to-use mobile app.

It’s Important That You Don’t Run Out of Propane!

Propane runouts are a potentially expensive hassle. If run out of propane entirely, not only will your home be noticeably colder, but if any pipes freeze or burst, you could be in serious trouble. And regardless of the season, you’ll be taking cold showers until you’ve gotten an emergency propane delivery, which comes with an additional fee.

After your propane tank has been refilled, a pressure test is required. You will also be responsible for this expense.

Finally, you will also be paying for a professional service technician to re-light the pilots in all your propane appliances before they can be used.

Get peace of mind about your propane supply and eliminate all runout worries. Contact us today to enroll in Auto-Delivery—and be sure to ask us about enrolling in our wireless propane tank monitoring program, too.