Control Your Propane Costs With Level Pay

Level Pay Offers Stability in Challenging Times for Energy Costs

propane bill idahoHave you been with Fall River Propane for more than a year? If so, you’re eligible to enroll in our Level Pay budget payment plan!

Times like this, where energy costs are so very volatile, are one of the reasons we created Level Pay many years ago. When you enroll in this program, your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy, affordable monthly payments. Also, Level Pay is FREE! There are absolutely no hidden fees, and no surprise costs.

How Exactly Does Level Pay Work?

Our calculation of your monthly payment starts by reviewing your past twelve months to better understand your propane usage patterns. Then:

  • We multiply your annual fuel use by this year’s projected price   
  • That figure is then divided into 12 lower, even monthly payments   

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each delivery—something that may happen several times throughout the winter season—you may save more than 50% on your winter propane payments by enrolling in Level Pay. And don’t worry, if your actual costs are a bit greater or lower than we estimated, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to your payments throughout the season.

Enrolling in Level Pay does not change how much propane you use, or how frequently you’ll need deliveries.

What does change is that your propane costs are made more predictable and manageable. You’ll only make one monthly payment regardless of how many deliveries you receive each month. Our customers love how much easier it is to plan household spending and budgeting!

Fall River Propane is Dedicated to Our Propane Customers

We provide the best possible propane pricing while maintaining our high standards for reliability, courtesy, and quality service.

Many of you have been with us for a long time. It’s frustrating to charge such high propane costs. Unfortunately, our suppliers’ pricing constraints limit our possibilities significantly. You can rely on us to do everything possible to assist you during this difficult period.

We appreciate your trust in us and promise to do everything possible to help manage your propane costs. If you are having difficulty with your Fall River Propane payments, please get in touch with us before you fall behind so we can work with you on an appropriate solution. If you’re interested in enrolling in Level Pay, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to help you get started.