How Much Propane Does My Home Use?

Get An Idea of How Much Propane You May Use in Your Home

propane use estimate idahoFiguring out just how much propane you use is a good way to help estimate your propane costs. Additionally, it helps you better manage your household budget.

It can also show you if your propane appliances are operating at their best possible efficiency.

We’ve put together some information that will give you insights into your own home and propane usage. And remember…with a Fall River Propane online account, you can review prior statements to see how your propane usage changes over the course of the year, or from season-to-season!

These are average propane usage figures for homes based on size. Remember, there can be a lot of variation depending on the age of the home, the quality of insulation, and other external factors.

1,000 square feet: Approx. 441 gallons per year

1,500 square feet: Approx. 666 gallons per year

2,000 square feet: Approx. 888 gallons per year

3,000 or more square feet: Approx. 1,300 gallons per year

How Much Propane Do My Appliances Use?

You can improve your home’s energy consumption by upgrading to high-efficiency propane appliances. We offer many solutions including space heating, furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces.*

These are estimates for average propane usage by common propane appliances:

Furnace: Approx. 1,000 gallons per year

Water heater: Approx. 250 gallons per year

Fireplace: Approx. 200 gallons per year

Clothes dryer: Approx. 20 gallons per year

Cooking Range: Approx. 35 gallons per year

Control Your Propane Costs

Between rising gas prices and a volatile stock market, we know many of our customers are trying to find ways to better manage their budgets. Fall River Propane provides numerous ways to help:

Automatic Delivery. With Automatic Delivery, you never need to worry about checking your gauges—or potentially running out of propane—again! Our computers will calculate your expected propane usage alongside the current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’re going to need a propane delivery next. At that point, we come and fill your tank before you get low. You get convenience and peace of mind.

What you don’t get is a delivery fee, meaning you’ll save $12.95 with each delivery!

By the way, if you want even more precision in the matter of your propane supply, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring. It uses wireless and cellular technology that allows us to track your propane supply 24/7. As soon as you need a refill, it sends us a notification and we make the delivery. This is great for homes with inconsistent usage patterns or second properties like vacation homes or rental properties.

Level Pay. Take the guesswork out of your monthly Fall River Propane payments with Level Pay. Your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy-to-manage monthly payments. You won’t get hit with larger bills over the winter when you have other expenses like the holidays or taxes. Call us today to see if you’re eligible to enroll.

We are proud to have built a strong reputation for quality, dependability, and affordability…and we would love to tell you more about it. Become a Fall River Propane customer today, or simply give us a call to learn more!

*Please note that while we continue to service all propane-powered fireplaces and stoves, we do not sell or install new equipment of this kind at the current time.