Wireless Tank Monitoring for Income Properties

We Make Managing Your Propane Supply Easy!

rental propane supply idahoDo you have an income property in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming that you offer as a short-term rental on sites like Airbnb or VRBO? If so, you know that managing it can be a challenge. There’s a lot that comes with meeting the needs of your guests, cleaning between bookings, needed repairs, and more.

Fall River Propane offers solutions that make managing your short-term rental easy and make the rental more attractive for prospective guests looking for a place in your community.

One solution that we offer is wireless propane tank monitoring with Otodata! With this convenient service, you no longer need to constantly check the propane tank gauge—something that comes in handy when you live elsewhere or are otherwise away from your properties.

How Does Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

Our wireless propane tank monitors keep you—and Fall River Propane—informed in real-time precisely how much propane is in your tank. The monitors use wireless and cellular technology to send that data right to us and it’s visible to you through Otodata’s Nee-Vo app, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Once your propane tank gauge reaches a set level—typically 30% full—we get notified and schedule a propane delivery to your property before you run low.

The app allows you to track multiple monitors, so you can keep track of all your properties in one single place!

Wireless propane tank monitoring is affordable and pays for itself when you consider the cost of a propane runout. When that happens, you not only have to pay for the extra expense of an emergency propane delivery but also a pressure test of your propane tank and a professional re-lighting of the pilots in each of your propane appliances.

Being without heat and hot water could cause visitors to give your property a poor review, which can cost you future visitors!

Other Helpful Uses of Wireless Tank Monitoring

If your home in our service area is your second home, or if you travel frequently or for extended periods of time, your propane usage isn’t consistent. That makes it more challenging to calculate when you’ll need more propane for customers who use Auto Fill delivery.

Wireless propane monitoring eliminates unneeded propane deliveries because it allows us to know exactly when you need propane. This way you’ll get it when you need it…and only when you need it!

Do you have elderly parents or relatives you are caring for who live in their own home? Adding wireless propane tank monitoring to their home would give them security too! That way they’ll always have propane to remain comfortable while you get to keep an eye on their propane supply and usage.

Get in touch with us to learn more about wireless propane tank monitoring and other services for your current residence or income properties.

Since 1999, Fall River Propane has been delivering dependable, affordable home comfort to our customers in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Our team is the best in the business and is well known for their fast response and a safety-first attitude. Coupled with great prices and top-rated customer service, you just won’t find another propane provider more dedicated to serving your needs.