Is Yearly Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

Bad HVAC Habits Can Make Your Energy Costs Rise

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Have you gotten in touch yet with Fall River Propane to schedule your propane furnace’s annual maintenance tune-up? If not, today is the perfect day to do so.

Most people procrastinate on this simple task. It’s super easy to get done! When you get your system tune-up done in early fall, our service department allows you to get an appointment at a convenient time for you. You also won’t have to worry about an early cold snap because your furnace will be ready to go for the first blustery evening of the winter.

How Skipping Routine Maintenance Affects HVAC Performance

Not getting regular professional maintenance of your home’s HVAC system is a bad habit. Why’s that? An HVAC system that is not properly maintained loses much more energy efficiency over the years compared with one that gets annual tune-ups.

Here’s an example: A poorly maintained furnace can have efficiencies as low as 60%. That means for every dollar you spend on propane, only 60 cents goes towards actually heating your home. The rest is wasted in the combustion process, sending your energy costs soaring.

With unpredictable energy costs this coming winter, inefficiency is something you can’t afford!

During our appointment, our service technician will thoroughly inspect your furnace. It allows them to spot and fix problems before they get worse.

No tune-up means you’re more likely to have your furnace break down and face a big repair bill. A poorly maintained furnace also doesn’t last as long as one that gets an annual tune-up.

Other Factors That Affect Heating System Efficiency

  • Not changing the air filter. A dirty air filter can cause all kinds of problems for your HVAC system. A clogged filter forces your system to work harder, driving up energy costs. Some of the dirt in the filter can get into your system and damage parts, which can cause a breakdown and lead to big repair bills.

    Check your filter once a month and change as needed. If you have pets, or if someone in your home has allergies or a respiratory condition such as asthma or COPD, check the filter more frequently.

  • Not programming your thermostat properly. Take the time to educate yourself on how your thermostat works and set it properly. Smart and programmable thermostats let you to schedule temperature changes throughout the day. As a result, your system will only run when it’s needed. If you don’t program your thermostat, it means you wasted money on the initial purchase and are missing out on the energy savings programmable and smart thermostats offer.
  • Closing registers and vents. When you close vents and ducts in your home, it changes how much space your HVAC system must heat or cool. This causes the unit to function as if it’s not sized correctly for the space, putting extra strain on the system. This can make your system run for shorter or longer periods of time, which then drives up energy costs and really puts a strain on the whole system.

    If you place furniture too close to vents and registers, it causes the same types of problems, so be mindful about where you position furniture in the room.

Fall River Propane can help keep your propane-powered heating system in tip-top shape for the cold Idaho winters to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.