What Is Auto-fill Propane Delivery?

It Doesn’t Get Easier Than Auto-Fill

propane delivery idaho Fall River Propane is committed to being reliable and responsive when it comes to taking care of our customers. It is at the foundation of what we have been doing since we started over 23 years ago!

Auto-Delivery is one of the many services we offer to ensure that our customers always have the propane they need. This way, you don’t need worry about always having to check your tank gauges, running out of propane, or even having to pick up the phone to order.

How Does Auto-Fill Delivery Work?

Fall River Propane uses both cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methods to calculate when you’ll need more propane. By considering your previous usage patterns—along with real-time temperatures and temperature forecasts—our computer algorithms can predict when your tank levels. Once it reaches approximately 30% full, we’re immediately notified, and then schedule a propane delivery accordingly, so that you’re never left without propane. And the best part is that you don’t have to do a thing. No phone calls, online orders, or treks through the snow to read your gauges!

What’s even better? This is a 100% FREE service. It benefits both of us, and allows us to be more efficient in our propane deliveries so we can better serve more customers each day.

Changes in Your Propane Usage

Now, since your propane usage history is part of the calculation for Auto-Fill Delivery, it is essential that you inform us about any changes in your home or lifestyle. These could create big changes in how much propane you use and ultimately affect our calculations. Below are some examples of qualifying things we should know about:

  • You start travelling more frequently or for longer periods (Example: You spend the winter seasons in Florida, or a warmer part of the country.)
  • Adult children move out or move back in.
  • Elderly relatives come to live with you.
  • You add new propane appliances like a range or fireplace to your home.

Is Auto-Fill Different Than Wireless Tank Monitoring?

Yes. These two programs are different—and we offer them both!

Our wireless propane tank monitors are always active—day and night—to track exactly how full your propane tank is. By utilizing wireless and cellular technology, our team at Fall River Propane receives notifications about your tank’s status in real time. That way, when your gauge reaches a set level, we can schedule a delivery that works with your timing—no worries about a propane run-out!

Wireless propane tank monitoring is the perfect solution for homes with irregular propane usage such as second homes, income properties, and homes with infrequently used propane appliances like spa heaters or outdoor kitchens. It helps give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and appliances are being monitored even when you’re not there.

Understanding the Consequences of Running Out of Propane

As we’ve mentioned, both of these programs we’ve highlighted help to prevent you from running out of propane. Because if you run out of propane, not only will you be inconvenienced, but it’ll also cost you money.

In addition to the cost of an emergency propane delivery, you will also be charged for a required pressure test on your gas lines and for having a professional service technician re-light the pilots in all your propane appliances. This is an industry-wide practice to ensure systems are restarted and are functioning again safely.

Interested in Auto-Fill Delivery or wireless propane tank monitoring? Contact Fall River Propane today! We’ll be happy to help get you started.