The Advantages of Propane for New Home Construction

Discover the Benefits for Both Builders and Buyers

propane for home builders idaho It’s been a wild real estate market over the past few years. As we’ve seen, folks have gravitated to the greater Idaho region looking for their own piece of paradise away from overpopulated and overpriced metro areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

It has created an incredibly competitive market for home builders, whether it’s for a single home or a neighborhood development. Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. Did you realize that using propane on your building projects can give you a distinct edge?

Fall River Propane is here to help with complete propane delivery and commercial services for your home building project, as well as for the installation of new appliances inside your new homes as well!

Build Better with Propane

When winter arrives and brings harsh weather and temperatures, residential construction projects can become very challenging. Propane helps keep your project moving forward by providing power to vital temporary heating equipment. You can better keep the interior of your job site warm for continued work, while also protecting materials such as paint, joint compound, and stucco in the cold weather.

Propane can also be used to power generators that charge ground-thawing equipment and forklifts. All of this helps to keep your project on time and on budget.

Speaking of money, did you know the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) offers construction companies incentives for using propane appliances in homes they build?

Direct Access vs. Natural Gas Pipelines

Establishing a connection to the natural gas lines in an area lacking nearby infrastructure is cost-prohibitive, making it unfeasible for your project, whether it’s a single home or a neighborhood development. It also makes it more difficult for homebuyers to pick their gas supplier. 

Even if your construction project is near a natural gas line, bypass the hassle of dealing with that utility’s bureaucratic red tape and opt for propane tanks instead! It’s proven to be much faster, easier, and more economical.

Providing Homebuyers with Options They Want!

In today’s dynamic real estate landscape, you must ensure that home buyers can truly envision the home they’ve been dreaming of. While doing so, it is essential to also account for your costs. By building homes fit with propane systems and furnishing them with propane appliances, you can set yourself apart from the competition without breaking the bank.

For today’s homeowners, propane gas appliances provide countless advantages like:

  • Energy-efficient heating and water heating.
  • Fireplaces that ignite with a simple press of the button.
  • Unparalleled temperature accuracy for their stoves and cooktops.

With these features in mind, it is no surprise that more people are opting for gas options over electric alternatives.

Propane is an invaluable tool to increase sales and offer additional premium features. By upselling your customers with propane, you can provide superior amenities. Homebuyers who want greater convenience and energy efficiency might opt for a propane tankless water heater rather of a standard storage water heater.

The list of potential upsell amenities might include:

  • Propane spa heaters
  • Propane clothes dryers
  • Patio Heaters
  • Grills
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Firepits

All of these can be easily connected right to the home’s propane tank!

Whether you’re a home builder or a home buyer, propane services from Fall River Propane can’t be beat! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.