Is Switching Propane Companies Complicated?

Take advantage of Fall River Propane’s hassle-free switch!

propane company idaho Are you dissatisfied with your current propane provider? Perhaps they don’t respond to your calls quickly. Or maybe you’ve been left in the lurch when it comes to your propane deliveries.

Whatever the reason, you may be worried that changing propane providers is at best awkward and at worst difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that if you make the hassle-free switch to Fall River Propane!

Advantages of being a Fall River Propane customer

Fall River Propane is an established business, serving customers in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming for almost 25 years. You don’t last long as a propane company without providing reliable, personal service.

At the heart of our service is our dependable propane delivery. With Automatic Delivery, we use the latest software that factors in your propane usage history along with weather forecasts to make an accurate prediction for when you’ll need your propane tank filled. We schedule the delivery for you.
For people who need absolute precision in their propane supply, our wireless propane tank monitoring is the ultimate in peace of mind. It uses wireless and cellular technology like that on smartphones to keep us informed about your propane tank levels 24/7. As soon as you need more propane, the monitor sends us a notification. We make the delivery. It’s ideal for people who travel frequently, vacation homes, and income properties.

We also provide expert propane tank installation, affordable propane tank leasing, and propane appliance installation and service done by our certified service technicians.

How easy is it to switch to Fall River Propane?

Switching from your old propane company to Fall River Propane is easy as pie, because we handle everything! Here’s what we do for you.

  1. We help you determine which size propane tank you need for your home, based on how you use propane. You can choose aboveground or underground, in sizes ranging from 120 to 1,000 gallons for aboveground and 500 or 1,000 gallons for underground.
  2. We will deliver your new tank to your home. First, we uninstall your old propane tank and set it aside. Then, we install your new tank and, if you wish one, a wireless propane tank monitor.
  3. Any propane remaining in your old propane tank will be transferred to the new tank that we installed. You paid for it, so you get to keep it!
  4. We will fill your propane tank, so your home’s propane appliances have the fuel they need.
  5. A pressure test will be performed by our certified service technicians. This is to make sure that the propane is properly flowing from the tank to your appliances and that there are no leaks. If there are leaks, we will go over the situation with you in detail before we perform any work.
  6. We will notify your former propane company that they can come pick up your tank.

If you are looking for reliable propane delivery and service, look no further! Become a Fall River Propane customer today.