Getting the Right Size Propane Tank

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propane tanks swan valley, id Fall River Propane makes it easy to have propane in your home here in Southwestern Montana, Eastern Idaho, and Northwestern Wyoming.

For starters, we offer reliable propane delivery and expert installation and service of propane appliances including water heaters, space and wall heaters, and fireplaces and stoves.

We also offer complete propane tank installation and service. We install a full range of propane tank sizes, so you have peace of mind that you’ll have the right size to meet your home’s needs.

Our affordable propane tank leasing takes the upfront expense as well as responsibility for maintenance and repairs of your propane tank off your hands.

Finally, with wireless propane tank monitoring, you get absolute peace of mind about your propane supply. The Nee-Vo tank monitor tracks your propane supply in real time, 24/7. As soon as it reaches a set level, it sends us a notification, so we know to promptly schedule a delivery. You don’t have to do a thing to have a constant supply of propane in your home!

Which propane tank is right for my home?

Just because you and a friend have similar homes doesn’t mean that you’ll both require the same size propane tank. Many factors come into play when determining the appropriate propane tank size for your home, including but not limited to: frequency of propane usage, number of appliances in your home that run on propane, whether you use propane for home heating, and more.

Fall River Propane carries these propane tank sizes. We have added information about which homes and uses they are best suited for, so you get a better idea of which tank is right for your home.

120-gallon tank: This propane tank size is perfect for powering one or two small appliances, such as a range or fireplace. Customers often prefer the vertical design as it blends in seamlessly with their yards, ensuring a less obtrusive appearance. These are installed aboveground.

250-gallon tank: If you rely on propane for a couple of appliances in your home, such as a water heater, range, or space heater, this size will suffice. However, it won’t be sufficient if you use propane to heat your entire home. We install these tanks aboveground.

500-gallon tank: If you use propane for home heating, you will require this tank size. Even if you do not use propane for heating but have three or more propane appliances like a water heater, stove, fireplace, or clothes dryer, this tank size is necessary. It is also the appropriate tank size for a propane whole-house backup generator, capable of providing your home with power for approximately one week. These tanks are designed to be horizontal, making them shorter and wider, allowing easy concealment with lattices, trellis, or plants. You can choose aboveground or underground installation.

1,000-gallon tank: Large tanks like this are typically found in commercial and industrial environments. However, if you have a spacious home and rely on propane for high-BTU appliances like heating, pool and spa heating, cooking, or even fireplaces, then you may need a tank of this size. We offer both aboveground and underground installation.

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