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Curious about all things propane? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions, from how to read your propane gauge to hiring a propane repair technician, and more!

Propane Gas

Propane is an approved alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. It is nontoxic and insoluble in water. Because it is used as a gas, it does not spill, pool or leave a residue. It’s a safe fuel to store underground, as it will not contaminate groundwater, even in the unlikely event of a leak.

And its carbon footprint, a measure of its impact on the environment, is much less than other fuels. A gallon of propane burned produces about half the carbon dioxide (CO2) as a gallon of fuel oil. Compared per BTU of fuel, propane releases less CO2 than ethanol, gasoline, biodiesel, kerosene, or coal.

In traditional tank water heating, electric heaters produce 150 times the greenhouse gas emissions of a propane heater. A tankless propane water heater can even further reduce emissions!

Source: Propane Education and Research Council, http://climatecrisis.net Climate Crisis

Propane prices are determined by supply & demand. When demand is higher, as in colder months, prices are higher than other times of the year. Because of this price fluctuation, the price can vary depending upon when a propane company has received their most recent wholesale delivery into their bulk tanks.

Fall River Propane sells only the highest quality HD-5 propane & never mixes a lower grade in an effort to shave a few cents off per gallon. Mixing HD-5 with a lower, less expensive grade, adds propylene, which can cause gumming/sticking in the devices you use that are powered by propane. Mixing grades will result in a lower price but a far less quality product.

Propane Tanks

Turn off the gas supply at the propane tank if possible, and contact Fall River Propane right away at: 833-682-3671

Yes. We offer underground models in 500- or 1,000-gallon sizes. Burying a tank is a convenient way to store propane on your property, and because propane is a non-pollutant, there is no risk of soil contamination.

Fall River Propane is proud to keep your tank and propane system in working order. For your safety and to provide ready access to your tank, we ask that you keep grass and brush from growing up around your tank, and that you refrain from using the area immediately around your tank for storage. We also ask that you ensure excess water does not run into your tank (by your gutters and/or pets) in order to prevent rusting.

Yes, we do! A remote tank monitor is a great way to make managing your propane deliveries simple and worry-free. Even if you’ve never had a propane run-out before, a remote tank monitor could be a smart move for you.

Our wireless monitors from Otodata track your actual usage and alerts us when it’s time to fill your tank. You’ll also get an email or text to let you know your fuel level is getting low. Installation is totally FREE with an annual service cost of $60—that’s just $5 a month for 24/7 access to monitor your tank levels!

We’ll always know exactly what’s in your tank—and you can view it anytime yourself through an app right on your smartphone!

You can choose aboveground models in 120- 250- 500- and 1,000-gallon capacities to fit your home or businesses needs.

You can choose underground models in 500- or 1,000-gallon sizes to fit the needs of your home or businesses.

Propane Appliances

Yes. Unless it is specifically designed as a vent-free appliance, it must be vented. We offer a selection of Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnaces as well!

Most manufacturers recommend having your propane gas fireplace serviced and cleaned every year. Fall River Propane can assist with this service. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help with propane appliances for your home!

Turn down your water heater from the standard 140 degrees to 130 degrees. You could save more than 10 percent on your water-heating bill.

Although leaving the pilot on during the summer will use several gallons of propane each month, it does help to keep dust and insects out of the fireplace, as well as keeping metal parts dry and rust free, which can result in helping to prevent costly repairs.

About Fall River Propane

Yes. Fall River provides round-the-clock service for heating emergencies, propane deliveries, and propane gas leaks. Emergency service is available for current customers. Get in contact with us today!

Yes, Fall River customers can participate in Levelized payments with equal monthly propane payments so you can budget for your propane costs. The levelized monthly amounts are adjusted annually in July based on actual usage.

There are many! These include:
  • Fully trained & certified service technicians.
  • Safety first: Fall River Propane always conducts leak checks to help ensure the safety of the customer, their loved ones & their property.
  • The ability to order propane AND service work online through fallriverpropane.com.
  • A smartphone mobile app that provides customers with the ability to order propane, request service, view their last delivery date, receive a paperless statement, pay their bill, see their payment history & so much more!

Absolutely yes! Since FRP is owned by Fall River Electric, annual profits generated by FRP go back to FRE’s owner-members via FRE’s Patronage Capital program thus those propane customers who are also FRE members receive a portion of FRP’s profits. FRE members are buying from the propane company they actually own and are able to share in the profits of that business. You own Fall River Propane!

Fall River Propane provides service to Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming. Already well established in Idaho and Montana, Fall River Propane has continued its growth by providing propane delivery service to homes and businesses in Afton, Thayne, Star Valley Ranch, Alpine and surrounding communities in the Star Valley and Jackson areas of Wyoming. Use our ZIP code locator here to see if you’re in Fall River Propane’s service territory!