home energy options wyomingConsidering converting your electric-powered home comfort appliances to run on propane gas? It’s a smart choice. Especially so right here in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, where having a heating system that cranks out BTUs is an absolute must!

But there are more reasons to make the switch from electric to propane than just having a warmer, more comfortable home. Check out these environmental benefits, for example:

Enjoy Numerous Other Benefits, Too!

Still not convinced to make the propane switch? How about these great propane perks?

Converting to propane gas is not as expensive or complicated as you might think—and making the switch with Fall River is completely hassle-free! We guarantee it. To learn more about propane tank installations in Eastern Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, contact Fall River Propane today!

propane tank installation whyomingOne of the most important decisions you will have to make as a new propane customer is whether to lease or buy your propane tank. The answer to that question depends on several factors that you will have to weigh before making your decision.

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of owning and leasing your propane tank:

Owning a Propane Storage Tank

When you own your own propane tank:


  • You are responsible for all installation and maintenance tasks and costs associated with your tank—including all repairs, tune-ups, replacement, and parts.
  • You are also responsible for periodic tank recertification according to local and state laws.
  • Leasing a Propane Storage Tank

    When you lease a propane tank:


    Leasing Is a Smart, Affordable Choice!

    Generally speaking, the disadvantages of owning your propane tank far outweigh the benefits.
    When you own your propane tank, you’ll have to pay for a professional to install and maintain it so it’s up to code, anyway—plus, you’ll have to pay for any replacement parts and repairs that come up. Why go through that hassle? Sign up for a three-year tank lease today and get the first year on us!

    Fall River offers hassle-free propane tank installations in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming!

    When you become a Fall River Propane customer, we’ll provide you a propane storage tank and set you up for reliable propane deliveries in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming. We’ll walk you through our recommendations, then install the tank correctly. We offer both aboveground and underground installations—each done in compliance with all applicable laws and codes. You’ll have none of the worry or cost of personal ownership of the tank, and you’ll know your propane tank will be installed the right way.

    Switching To Fall River Is Easy!

    Our six-step onboarding process goes something like this:

    1. Choose your tank, choose your terms. You can learn more about tank rental on our tanks and monitors page located on our website.
    2. We deliver your new propane tank to your home or business. We will set your old tank aside and install your new Fall River propane tank.
    3. We transfer any remaining propane from your old tank into the new one.
    4. We fill your new Fall River Propane tank with the highest quality, cleanest, hottest-burning propane available on the market today.
    5. Our certified technicians will pressure-check your entire system and inspect for leaks to ensure your safety. If we find that any repairs are needed, the technician will explain the situation in detail before doing any work. If your system needs repair, there will be a charge for any parts and labor.
    6. Finally, we will call your former propane provider so they can come and pick up the old tank. You don’t have to worry about having any difficult conversations—we do all the heavy lifting. You will never have to deal with them again!

    Whatever your preference or need, Fall River Propane can provide the best advice on commercial and residential propane tank installations in Southwestern Montana, Eastern Idaho, and Western Wyoming. Contact us today to learn more!

    why propane idahoWhether you’re a builder or a home buyer planning a custom construction project, every choice you make about your future home will influence its value, comfort, and performance down the road—especially the source of energy you choose to power it!

    Why Choose Propane?

    Propane is the perfect power source for your next construction project—especially when compared to using electricity for many of your appliances. Consider these reasons to choose propane for your home build:

    1. It’s Super-Efficient: Propane appliances are clean-burning and efficient and will almost always outperform electric models of similar size and output. A tankless propane water heater, for example, can save its users up to 16 percent on energy costs compared to electric systems, according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).
    2. It’s “Greener” Than Electricity: When you consider the whole fuel lifecycle, propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy. Powering up with propane is far more environmentally friendly than electricity, in fact, that using it can earn your project points toward LEED certification (in LEED v4, commercial building projects can earn up to 28 points for propane installations, thanks mostly to its Energy and Atmosphere provisions).
    3. It’s Versatile: Propane can power just about any home comfort system—from furnaces, boilers and space heaters to water heaters, cooking rangers, clothes dryers and even fireplaces—all from a single storage tank that the propane supplier maintains.
    4. It Provides an Easy Path to Backup Power: Having propane onsite makes installing backup power generators much more convenient and affordable—a big benefit for future tenants as severe weather and power outages become more commonplace.
    5. It’s Powerful: Although electric heat pumps run efficiently, the fact that they don’t distribute air that’s warm to the touch can have a big impact on the people’s perception of comfort. Energy-efficient propane furnaces heat air to a much higher temperature than electric heat pumps, providing reliable comfort in every weather.
    6. You Can Use It Indoors or Outdoors: Propane is a great fuel for outdoor living, able to power firepits, patio heaters, grills, spa and pool heaters, and even lighting fixtures!
    7. It’s Extremely Safe: The propane industry is also highly regulated by codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Transportation (DOT) and various state and local regulatory bodies. It’s a key reason why there are so few propane accidents each year. Propane technicians are also backed by the industry’s voluntary Certified Employee Training Program (CETP).
    8. There Are Great Propane Incentives Available: Efficiency isn’t the only economic benefit to choosing propane. Incentives and rebates can save you even more (we can help you discover these and others for your project).

    Pondering the prospects of powering with propane? We think you should! Contact Fall River Propane today to learn more about propane deliveries and propane installations in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming!

    tank monitors idahoAuto-Fill is a great way to keep things simple when it comes to managing your propane deliveries—you’ll avoid the hassle of having to watch your tank gauge, as well as the potential dangers of a propane gas run-out.

    But any automatic fuel ordering service has its limitations—mostly because it’s reliant on estimates formulated by your past usage. That’s great if you are using the same amount of propane that you usually do on a routine basis.

    But what if you aren’t?

    What if you’ve expanded your home, or installed larger propane appliances since last year? What if your kids are home from school taking long, hot showers—or if you installed a feature in your house that you use periodically and unpredictably, such as a propane pool heater or propane fire pit? If your lifestyle changes, your estimates will probably be off—even if only by a little bit—which can still put you at risk for a propane run-out.

    The good news is there is an easy solution to managing your propane deliveries that’s a step up from Auto-Fill in terms of both reliability and ease of use—a wireless propane tank monitor!

    How Do Tank Monitors Work?

    Here’s how it works: A propane tank monitor keeps track of how much propane is always in your tank, transmitting that information to delivery teams (and to you, via a smart phone app) in real time so everyone knows when you need your next propane delivery. Whether your propane usage goes up or down, everyone will know it instantly and respond quickly so you’ll never run out of gas.

    Propane Tank Monitors Are Perfect For Residential Or Commercial Use!

    Even if you’ve never had a propane run-out before, a remote tank monitor could be a smart move for you. Installation is totally FREE—and for just $5 a month, you’ll get 24/7 access to monitor your tank levels whether at your home, a second home, or your commercial business!

    It’s the future of propane delivery for your Montana, Wyoming, or ID home—brought to you now by Otodata and the pros at Fall River Propane!

    Looking for the ultimate peace of mind solution for your propane deliveries? Install a propane tank monitor from Fall River Propane. Contact us today to learn more!

    water heater installation idahoWhen most people think of a water heater, they think that big metal storage tank that takes up a corner of the basement.

    But it doesn’t have to be. A propane tankless water heater, for example, is about the size of a small suitcase. It can even be mounted to the wall.

    But that’s not the best part about choosing a tankless water heater—you’ll also get virtually unlimited hot water and spend anywhere from 30 to 50 percent less on propane to run it compared to a conventional electric water heater.

    The question is, how does a tankless water heater manage all of these tricks? Let’s take a look.

    How A Tankless Water Heater Works

    Mostly, a tankless water heater achieves its advantages by taking a completely different approach to heating water for your taps and appliances. Rather than storing hot water for future use, a tankless water heater heats water instantly, on-demand.

    Here’s how it works:

    Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient for two main reasons. First, they never have to reheat water (as a water heater with a tank does after its water has been sitting for a while). Tankless water heaters also use electronic ignitions rather than a constantly-running pilot light.

    All in all, tankless water heaters can cut energy consumption by 30 percent or more while providing a limitless supply of hot water. They also last almost twice as long as a conventional water heater—almost 20 years on average, compared to 12 for storage-type systems.

    Ready to upgrade to a tankless water heater? We’ve got the full line of high efficiency (HE) and super high efficiency (SE) Rinnai tankless models to choose from! Contact us today to learn more about Rinnai tankless water heater installation in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming.

    propane online ordering idahoLife can get pretty complicated these days with all we have on the go, and when things get too crazy important tasks like ordering fuel and paying your bills can fall by the wayside.

    We know. We’ve been there, too.

    That’s why we here at Fall River Propane have invested in technology solutions and other services that make your life easier year-round!

    Convenient Propane Account Management

    Want to simplify in the coming months? Take advantage of these Fall River perks:

    Fall River Propane – making life easier for our Rocky Mountain neighbors since 1999! Contact us today to learn more about these great services and more, including reliable propane delivery in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming.

    propane fuel services idahoGet to know clean, green, and versatile propane gas—and Fall River Propane—with this month’s Q&A!

    1. Is propane considered a “green” fuel?

    Propane gas is an approved alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992; it is nontoxic and insoluble in water. Because it is burned as a gas, it does not spill, pool or leave a residue, so it cannot contaminate groundwater. Propane’s carbon footprint is also much less than other fuels: a gallon of propane burned produces about half the carbon dioxide (CO2) as a gallon of fuel oil and produces less CO2 per Btu than ethanol, gasoline, biodiesel, kerosene, or coal.

    2. What should I do if I suspect a gas leak from my tank?

    Turn off the gas supply at the propane tank if possible, and contact Fall River Propane right away at 833-682-3671

    3. Can I bury a propane tank on my property?

    Yes. Burying a propane tank is a convenient way to store propane on your property, and because propane is a non-pollutant, there is no risk of soil contamination.

    4. What tank sizes are available?

    You can choose aboveground models in 120- 250- 500- and 1,000-gallon capacities to fit your home or business’ needs. You can choose underground models in 500- or 1,000-gallon sizes to fit the needs of your home or businesses.

    5. What do I need to do to maintain my tank?

    Fall River Propane is responsible for keeping your tank and propane system in working order. For your safety and to provide ready access to your tank, we ask that you keep grass and brush from growing up around your tank, and that you refrain from using the area immediately around your tank for storage. We also ask that you ensure excess water does not run into your tank (by your gutters and/or pets) in order to prevent rusting.

    6. What kind of propane does Fall River supply?

    Fall River Propane sells only the highest quality HD-5 propane & never mixes a lower grade in an effort to shave a few cents off per gallon. Mixing HD-5 with a lower, less expensive grade, adds propylene, which can cause gumming/sticking in the devices you use that are powered by propane. Mixing grades will result in a lower price but a far less quality product.

    7. I’m on a budget and need to manage my fuel payments. What options do I have?

    Yes, Fall River customers can participate in Levelized payments with equal monthly propane payments so you can budget for your propane costs. The levelized monthly amounts are adjusted annually in July based on actual usage.

    8. Why should I choose Fall River Propane?

    Fall River propane offers:

    9. I’m a Fall River Electric customer. Are there benefits to joining Fall River Propane as well?

    Yes! Since FRP is owned by Fall River Electric, annual profits generated by FRP go back to FRE’s owner-members via FRE’s Patronage Capital program thus those propane customers who are also FRE members receive a portion of FRP’s profits. FRE members are buying from the propane company they actually own and are able to share in the profits of that business. You own Fall River Propane!

    10. Where does Fall River Propane offer propane delivery?

    Fall River Propane provides service to Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming. Already well established in Idaho and Montana, Fall River Propane has continued its growth by providing propane delivery service to homes and businesses in Afton, Thayne, Star Valley Ranch, Alpine and surrounding communities in the Star Valley and Jackson areas of Wyoming. Use our ZIP code locator to see if you’re in Fall River Propane’s service territory!

    Since 1999, Fall River Propane has been delivering dependable, affordable home comfort to our customers in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. You just won’t find another propane provider more dedicated to serving your needs! Give us a call today—we’d love show you the difference we can make.

    A Heating Solution For A Small Space

    propane heaters wyomingWhen it comes to warming hard-to-heat rooms in your home, few options can match a propane wall heater.

    Super-compact and energy efficient propane wall heaters will keep your basement, hobby room, or any other problem area warm in any weather. But how do you choose a propane space heater from among the many options available?

    The search starts by choosing between direct vent and vent-free models. Let’s take a closer look at each:

    Direct Vent Wall Heaters

    Direct vent space heaters are basically sealed boxes whose combustion exhaust fumes vent directly outside your home via a small pipe through an exterior wall.

    Direct vent wall heaters offer:

    Vent-Free Space Heaters

    Vent-free propane space heaters don’t need vents or ductwork to provide heat, and they are available in a range of sizes to suit most spaces.

    Vent-free propane heaters are less expensive to install than direct vent heaters and offer greater flexibility in their utilization since they don’t require access to an external wall for venting. However, unlike direct vent options, exhaust is released inside the home. For this reason, you need to pay attention to building codes to know where they can be installed (and we can certainly help you with that!) and how to safely accommodate for them while in use.

    The Bottom Line With Wall Heaters

    Whatever choice you make, a propane wall heater can recover a “lost,” hard-to-heat room with ease; they are a cost-efficient choice for any home with a heating challenge, and a great way to deliver quick, easy heat.

    Not sure what kind of propane wall heater to choose for your home? Contact Fall River Propane today to discuss your options and get a FREE, no-obligation estimate on Rinnai propane wall heater installations in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming!

    propane automatic delivery montanaWith all that’s happening in our lives, it’s easy to forget a small detail like remembering to check our propane tank gauge. Unfortunately, the consequences of running out of propane can be significant.

    The most obvious of these consequences, of course, is being without heat in the middle of winter. Then there’s having to pay for an emergency fill-up. The cherry on top is that you will have to pay out of pocket for a propane pressure test, which is required each time your propane system is shut down, even temporarily. *

    Luckily, there’s a FREE service from Fall River Propane that helps you avoid these problems while taking many of the hassles out of heating your Wyoming, Idaho, or Montana home: Auto-Fill Propane Delivery!

    Auto-Fill: Your FREE Ticket To Peace Of Mind

    With Auto-Fill, our delivery teams will estimate the time of your delivery based on your past levels of propane usage, the average use of homes your size in your area, and the current weather conditions. When your tank reaches about one-quarter (25%) full, we’ll be there – no need to call or check your fuel gauge, and no more fear of propane runouts.

    An Instant Upgrade From Will Call Service!

    With Will Call delivery, you are responsible for tracking your propane levels and scheduling all your deliveries. You may also have to wait for a refueling in periods of high demand, and you will pay a delivery fee ($7.50) for each order. With Auto-Fill, you’ll say goodbye to managing your propane, waiting for propane deliveries, or and paying propane delivery fees.

    No Catch, No Strings Attached

    You might wonder if there’s some kind of catch to Auto-Fill, considering that it’s free. The truth is that we make Auto-Fill free because it benefits everyone – you, us, and the rest of our customers – by helping us to schedule efficient delivery routes. To make it even easier, you can combine Auto-Fill deliveries with our Level Pay Program! *

    Level Pay allows you to spread your propane payments evenly over 12 months. Level Pay gives you an easy, predictable fuel bill every month, helping you avoid unpleasant surprises as a result of a spike in fuel consumption.

    Let Fall River Propane Services take the hassle out of managing your propane supply this winter season—and those for years to come. Enroll in our FREE Auto-Fill propane delivery program! Contact us today to learn more.

    * You must have been a Fall River Propane customer for one year prior to enrollment.

    fall energy saving tips idahoIf you spend too much on your monthly energy bills during the fall and winter, you’re not alone.

    The good news is that there are many ways to save some money on your monthly bills – and many of them are free (or almost free). Here are 6 of our favorite efficiency hacks to save money and improve home comfort performance in your home:

    Looking for more ways to save this fall? We can help. Contact Fall River Propane for reliable propane delivery in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming, plus propane installations, propane maintenance service, and more.