We Make Managing Your Propane Supply Easy!

rental propane supply idahoDo you have an income property in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming that you offer as a short-term rental on sites like Airbnb or VRBO? If so, you know that managing it can be a challenge. There’s a lot that comes with meeting the needs of your guests, cleaning between bookings, needed repairs, and more.

Fall River Propane offers solutions that make managing your short-term rental easy and make the rental more attractive for prospective guests looking for a place in your community.

One solution that we offer is wireless propane tank monitoring with Otodata! With this convenient service, you no longer need to constantly check the propane tank gauge—something that comes in handy when you live elsewhere or are otherwise away from your properties.

How Does Propane Tank Monitoring Work?

Our wireless propane tank monitors keep you—and Fall River Propane—informed in real-time precisely how much propane is in your tank. The monitors use wireless and cellular technology to send that data right to us and it’s visible to you through Otodata’s Nee-Vo app, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Once your propane tank gauge reaches a set level—typically 30% full—we get notified and schedule a propane delivery to your property before you run low.

The app allows you to track multiple monitors, so you can keep track of all your properties in one single place!

Wireless propane tank monitoring is affordable and pays for itself when you consider the cost of a propane runout. When that happens, you not only have to pay for the extra expense of an emergency propane delivery but also a pressure test of your propane tank and a professional re-lighting of the pilots in each of your propane appliances.

Being without heat and hot water could cause visitors to give your property a poor review, which can cost you future visitors!

Other Helpful Uses of Wireless Tank Monitoring

If your home in our service area is your second home, or if you travel frequently or for extended periods of time, your propane usage isn’t consistent. That makes it more challenging to calculate when you’ll need more propane for customers who use Auto Fill delivery.

Wireless propane monitoring eliminates unneeded propane deliveries because it allows us to know exactly when you need propane. This way you’ll get it when you need it…and only when you need it!

Do you have elderly parents or relatives you are caring for who live in their own home? Adding wireless propane tank monitoring to their home would give them security too! That way they’ll always have propane to remain comfortable while you get to keep an eye on their propane supply and usage.

Get in touch with us to learn more about wireless propane tank monitoring and other services for your current residence or income properties.

Since 1999, Fall River Propane has been delivering dependable, affordable home comfort to our customers in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Our team is the best in the business and is well known for their fast response and a safety-first attitude. Coupled with great prices and top-rated customer service, you just won’t find another propane provider more dedicated to serving your needs.

Get An Idea of How Much Propane You May Use in Your Home

propane use estimate idahoFiguring out just how much propane you use is a good way to help estimate your propane costs. Additionally, it helps you better manage your household budget.

It can also show you if your propane appliances are operating at their best possible efficiency.

We’ve put together some information that will give you insights into your own home and propane usage. And remember…with a Fall River Propane online account, you can review prior statements to see how your propane usage changes over the course of the year, or from season-to-season!

These are average propane usage figures for homes based on size. Remember, there can be a lot of variation depending on the age of the home, the quality of insulation, and other external factors.

1,000 square feet: Approx. 441 gallons per year

1,500 square feet: Approx. 666 gallons per year

2,000 square feet: Approx. 888 gallons per year

3,000 or more square feet: Approx. 1,300 gallons per year

How Much Propane Do My Appliances Use?

You can improve your home’s energy consumption by upgrading to high-efficiency propane appliances. We offer many solutions including space heating, furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces.*

These are estimates for average propane usage by common propane appliances:

Furnace: Approx. 1,000 gallons per year

Water heater: Approx. 250 gallons per year

Fireplace: Approx. 200 gallons per year

Clothes dryer: Approx. 20 gallons per year

Cooking Range: Approx. 35 gallons per year

Control Your Propane Costs

Between rising gas prices and a volatile stock market, we know many of our customers are trying to find ways to better manage their budgets. Fall River Propane provides numerous ways to help:

Automatic Delivery. With Automatic Delivery, you never need to worry about checking your gauges—or potentially running out of propane—again! Our computers will calculate your expected propane usage alongside the current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’re going to need a propane delivery next. At that point, we come and fill your tank before you get low. You get convenience and peace of mind.

What you don’t get is a delivery fee, meaning you’ll save $12.95 with each delivery!

By the way, if you want even more precision in the matter of your propane supply, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring. It uses wireless and cellular technology that allows us to track your propane supply 24/7. As soon as you need a refill, it sends us a notification and we make the delivery. This is great for homes with inconsistent usage patterns or second properties like vacation homes or rental properties.

Level Pay. Take the guesswork out of your monthly Fall River Propane payments with Level Pay. Your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy-to-manage monthly payments. You won’t get hit with larger bills over the winter when you have other expenses like the holidays or taxes. Call us today to see if you’re eligible to enroll.

We are proud to have built a strong reputation for quality, dependability, and affordability…and we would love to tell you more about it. Become a Fall River Propane customer today, or simply give us a call to learn more!

*Please note that while we continue to service all propane-powered fireplaces and stoves, we do not sell or install new equipment of this kind at the current time.

Level Pay Offers Stability in Challenging Times for Energy Costs

propane bill idahoHave you been with Fall River Propane for more than a year? If so, you’re eligible to enroll in our Level Pay budget payment plan!

Times like this, where energy costs are so very volatile, are one of the reasons we created Level Pay many years ago. When you enroll in this program, your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy, affordable monthly payments. Also, Level Pay is FREE! There are absolutely no hidden fees, and no surprise costs.

How Exactly Does Level Pay Work?

Our calculation of your monthly payment starts by reviewing your past twelve months to better understand your propane usage patterns. Then:

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each delivery—something that may happen several times throughout the winter season—you may save more than 50% on your winter propane payments by enrolling in Level Pay. And don’t worry, if your actual costs are a bit greater or lower than we estimated, we’ll make any necessary adjustments to your payments throughout the season.

Enrolling in Level Pay does not change how much propane you use, or how frequently you’ll need deliveries.

What does change is that your propane costs are made more predictable and manageable. You’ll only make one monthly payment regardless of how many deliveries you receive each month. Our customers love how much easier it is to plan household spending and budgeting!

Fall River Propane is Dedicated to Our Propane Customers

We provide the best possible propane pricing while maintaining our high standards for reliability, courtesy, and quality service.

Many of you have been with us for a long time. It’s frustrating to charge such high propane costs. Unfortunately, our suppliers’ pricing constraints limit our possibilities significantly. You can rely on us to do everything possible to assist you during this difficult period.

We appreciate your trust in us and promise to do everything possible to help manage your propane costs. If you are having difficulty with your Fall River Propane payments, please get in touch with us before you fall behind so we can work with you on an appropriate solution. If you’re interested in enrolling in Level Pay, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to help you get started.

Water Heater Sales, Installation, and Maintenance? We Got You.

water heaters idahoWhen it comes to the heating, cooling, and comfort equipment in your home, the water heater is usually the unsung hero.

In most cases, this integral piece of equipment is tucked away in a basement or utility room, working diligently. And when it comes down to it, the only time you pay any attention to your water heater is when it isn’t functioning, or you get the unpleasant surprise of a cold shower.

So, if you’ve noticed your existing unit is giving you troubles or is already on the fritz, you may want to think of upgrading your water heater altogether. If so, propane is the way to go! Propane units can provide more hot water faster, using less energy, than the comparable electric water heater. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy added comfort for less money. What’s better? Propane water heaters are also smaller and more accurate in their temperature settings than electric alternatives, plus, they offer more size and installation possibilities.

Fall River Propane—your local, one-stop-shop for all things propane—carries a wide range of high-efficiency Rinnai propane tankless water heaters. We also provide expert installation and service by our in-house team of certified service technicians.

If you purchase a new water heater through us, we’ll also help you secure any rebates your new unit qualifies for. And with our dependable propane delivery service, your water heater will always have the propane it needs to provide hot water for bathing, cleaning, cooking, and more.

Additional Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

To put things simply, propane tankless water heaters are the absolute best choice for efficiency, energy savings, and comfort.

You get unlimited hot water with a tankless water heater in your home. Is the dishwasher on? Is someone else taking a shower? There’s no need to worry! Tankless water heaters provide continuous hot water without the restrictions of a storage tank.

Also, with a propane tankless water heater, you’re only getting hot water when you need it. Compared to a traditional tanked unit, water isn’t being heated and reheated throughout the day until you need it. That can save up to 40% on your water heating energy costs.

Other benefits of tankless water heaters include:

Save up to $100 with Rinnai today!

Rinnai, a leading manufacturer of propane-fired products, is currently offering a special promotion: up to $100 off the purchase of qualifying Rinnai tankless water heaters, heaters, and boilers. With Rinnai’s superior engineering, smart design, and unmatched quality, you’ll enjoy an endless supply of hot water—plus significant energy savings, all year long.
Get started today! Connect with the pros at Fall River Propane to find out more about Rinnai products and to learn more about how we can help. Call our office or reach out to us online. We’ll be happy to help.

Put Fall River Propane to Work for Your Local Business

propane for business idahoWith the incredibly diverse range of businesses here in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, Fall River Propane is well-positioned to help everyone succeed with our customized commercial propane services.

We provide dependable bulk propane delivery so your business will always have the propane it needs to keep your operations in motion. Below are just a few of the ways propane can be used to help businesses grow and flourish.

Propane’s Positive Impact in the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, ski areas, golf courses, restaurants, and banquet facilities all can benefit from propane’s efficiency and versatility.

Propane allows restaurants and commercial kitchens to cook with gas even if they aren’t in an area served by natural gas utilities. Propane can be used for cooktops, ovens, broilers, water heating, warming trays, grills, and outdoor heating.

Hotels use propane for not only dining, but for high-efficiency heating, water heating, and commercial dryers that get laundry dry nearly 25% faster than electric dryers—all with less wear and fewer wrinkles.

Commercial Propane Generators

Whether it’s summer storms or winter blizzards, power outages can create disasters for all kinds of businesses. Utilizing a commercial propane generator keeps the power on at health care facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities to keep patients and residents safe.

Grocery stores use propane commercial generators to keep food at safe temperatures when the power goes out. Propane commercial generators also keep HVAC and essential technology powered.

Construction Sites Rely on Propane

Propane is an incredibly versatile energy source on construction sites. It can be used for temporary space heating so jobs can continue in cold weather. Additionally, propane ground thawing equipment allows paving and concrete work to happen when the temperature drops.

Forklift Cylinders & Exchanges

Propane forklifts offer many advantages over their electric- or gasoline-powered counterparts. With a propane forklift, all you must do is swap out the empty cylinder for a full one, and the forklift is back on the job.

Conversely, electric forklifts need to be recharged for eight hours or longer, and there’s always the risk of fuel spills with gasoline. What’s better? Propane forklifts can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to no emissions.

Improving Agricultural Business Operations

Propane is a workhorse on all kinds of ways on farms.

It provides efficient heating and water heating for barns, greenhouses, and other outbuildings. It is the superior fuel for crop drying that allows for a higher yield. Propane flame weed-killing is safer than chemical herbicides and you can work in the field immediately afterward.

Fall River Propane has decades of experience providing safe, reliable propane delivery to businesses all over the region, ranging from Idaho Falls to Rexburg, ID, and West Yellowstone, MT to Jackson, WY, and beyond.

Because we’re a locally-based business, we know the area and we know our customers better than anyone else. Our commercial propane experts are ready to help propel your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial propane services.

Avoid the Hassle and Expense of a Run-Out!

propane delivery idahoIf you use propane in your home, you’re likely familiar with all the benefits it provides, such as energy efficiency and comfortable home heating as well as powering countless supplemental appliances such as cooking ranges, gas fireplaces and space heaters, and more.

However, to enjoy any—or all—of those things, you need to make sure that you always have enough propane in your tank. If you traditionally call in your propane deliveries, otherwise known as “Will-Call”, it’s up to you to regularly monitor your propane tank gauge levels to ensure you contact us before you run low. (FYI: We recommend that you don’t let your tank fall below 30% full before requesting a delivery!)

If you forget to check, you run the risk of running out of propane. That’s something nobody wants to be faced with, especially when winter weather turns brutally cold as it can here in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming.

Auto-Delivery & Tank Monitoring Ensure Your Propane Supply

Fortunately, Fall River Propane has two great tools to ensure that you’ll always have propane at your home.

  1. Our most popular delivery option is Auto-Delivery. We’ll track your propane usage by calculating your prior usage levels alongside the real-time weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need your next fill-up. We promptly schedule a delivery to your home. You don’t have to do a thing!
  2. Want even more precision when it comes to your propane delivery? Wireless propane tank monitoring from Otodata does that for you. Our tank monitor uses wireless and cellular technology to keep us informed— 24/7/365—exactly how much propane is in your tank. Once it reaches a set level, we’ll get a notification and schedule the delivery. What’s better? You can also check your propane supply anywhere you get a cell phone signal thanks to our easy-to-use mobile app.

It’s Important That You Don’t Run Out of Propane!

Propane runouts are a potentially expensive hassle. If run out of propane entirely, not only will your home be noticeably colder, but if any pipes freeze or burst, you could be in serious trouble. And regardless of the season, you’ll be taking cold showers until you’ve gotten an emergency propane delivery, which comes with an additional fee.

After your propane tank has been refilled, a pressure test is required. You will also be responsible for this expense.

Finally, you will also be paying for a professional service technician to re-light the pilots in all your propane appliances before they can be used.

Get peace of mind about your propane supply and eliminate all runout worries. Contact us today to enroll in Auto-Delivery—and be sure to ask us about enrolling in our wireless propane tank monitoring program, too.

Enjoy Added Home Comfort with a Rinnai Propane Wall Heater

space heating options idahoWinter has its usual icy grip on us here across Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and the Western Wyoming region—and you might be feeling that chill almost too well inside your own home.

If that’s the case, we have a simple solution. Rinnai propane wall heaters! Fall River Propane sells, installs, maintains, and repairs a wide assortment of models. What’s better? Our experts will help you choose the perfect one for your space.

Propane wall heaters are ideal for heating small spaces, such as apartments and short-term rentals, as well as underheated or unheated spaces in your home. They are quiet, compact, efficient, and safe to operate when all precautions are adhered to.

Another benefit of propane wall heaters is that they’ll help you gain better control over your home heating—as well as your heating costs. How so? There are three key reasons:

1. Getting the Entire House Warm

Do you have areas in your home where your central heating doesn’t work well—or just flat-out doesn’t reach? Finished attics, home additions, enclosed sunporches, and garage workshops are all examples of such places. Or perhaps there are spaces in your house that are drafty and don’t retain heat well. Propane wall heaters can get those spaces warm without you having to turn up the thermostat for your central heating system, which can save you big on your monthly energy costs.

2. Zoning Your Heating

Most rooms of the home aren’t used all day. For example, the bedrooms aren’t being used during the day when everyone is in the kitchen, living room, family room, or home office. Why maintain the same thermostat setting on all your rooms if you’re spending most of your time in one part of the house? With propane wall heaters, you control how your home is heated at the precise time warmth is needed.

3. Heating Your Spaces Faster

Propane wall heaters can quickly warm up a room by taking advantage of propane’s ability to burn at high temperatures. It might take 30 minutes—or perhaps far longer—by relying on your central heating system.

A propane wall heater, on the other hand, can do the task in just minutes.

Additional Advantages of Wall Heaters

What other benefits separate propane-powered wall heaters from other supplemental heating sources?

Looking to add a wall heater into your residence? Our partnership with Rinnai gives you a distinct advantage. Not only will you be getting the benefit of Rinnai’s top-quality home comfort engineering, but you’ll also be able to pair it up with Fall River’s unmatched customer service. It’s a win-win! Contact Fall River Propane to get started today.

Knowing How Much Gas You Use Provides Better Control of Your Supply!

home propane useMost homeowners don’t realize just how important propane is in keeping their house running properly. Several household items in your home, such as the water heaters, furnace, fireplace, and grill could all require propane to run, which begs the question, “How much propane does each of these items—and how much does my entire home—use in a day?”

There are several variables that influence propane usage. The weather, your home, and your propane appliances all have an impact on how much propane you consume throughout the winter. Naturally, you have the least amount of control with the weather. If the winter is especially harsh and lengthy, you’ll burn more propane than usual.

Your house, too, has a significant influence. One way is in terms of how well-insulated and resistant to drafts or heat loss your home is. Another is whether your home’s heating system is a new, well-maintained, and highly efficient system. Use of propane wall and space heaters for supplemental heating can impact your propane usage.

In terms of lifestyle, one of the most crucial aspects is the desired temperature for your home. The number of people who live there and whether you work remotely are two more things to affect how much propane you use.

Propane Appliance Burn Rates

Taking all these variables into the equation, here is a look at the daily average burn rates for the most common propane appliance:

Water Heaters

Depending on the number of bathrooms you have in your home or the number of people living in the house, your daily average usage may vary. However, most homes will average about 1.5 gallons of propane a day for their water heater or roughly 200-300 gallons a year.

Heating Systems

Furnaces and boilers often account for one of the highest propane burn rates in the home. When in use, these appliances can burn as much as one gallon of propane per hour. Depending on how often you use it, this could translate to more than 1,000 gallons of propane during heating season—and in our neck of the woods, it could be up to 25% higher.

Supplemental Appliances

A propane gas fireplace uses about 1 gallon of propane for every two hours of use. With “average” use, a propane gas fireplace will use about 200 gallons of propane every year. The average propane stove uses around 65,000 BTU every hour. So, in this instance, a stove would use between 20 to 50 gallons of propane every year. Gas dryers will use about 15-25 gallons of propane per year on average.

Fall River Propane Makes Managing Your Propane Supply Easy!

For a worry-free way to manage your propane supply, sign up for wireless propane tank monitoring! It uses wireless and cellular technology to let us know in real-time, 24/7, precisely how much propane is in your tank. When it reaches a set level, it sends us an alert and we immediately schedule your next propane delivery. You don’t have to do a thing! There is also a user-friendly mobile app you can download right to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on your propane supply anywhere you get wireless data or a WiFi signal.

Wherever you are in Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana, and Western Wyoming, you can count on Fall River Propane for dependable propane delivery and service. Become a customer today and experience the difference!

Level Pay Is Your Friend This Winter—And Beyond!

propane delivery montanaAs the whirlwind that is the holiday season hits us, many of us are looking forward to the new year, and for ways to make our lives a bit easier—and a little less expensive, too.

One way you can achieve that goal is by enrolling in Fall River Propane’s Level Pay Budget Plan! It’s simple, convenient, and makes planning your household budget so much easier.

How Does Level Pay Work?

Look at your Fall River Propane bills from the previous year. You’ll notice that during some months, you pay more than others for your propane—which is especially true if you use propane to heat your home. At a time when you have additional expenditures due to the holidays and tax season, your propane expenses are likely going to be significantly higher given the frigid, Midwest Winter weather.

However, when you enroll in the Level Pay Budget Plan, there’s no more up-and-down with your propane costs. First, we’ll evaluate your prior years’ propane usage. From there, we’ll use that data to establish your fixed, monthly payment. Now, rather than field most of your annual propane expenses during the winter season, you’ll spread your costs over 12 monthly payments! When you know what your propane expenses will be each month, it becomes far easier to plan your household budget.

All Fall River Propane customers who have been with us at least one year are eligible to enroll in our Level Pay Budget Plan.

Additional Ways to Manage Your Propane Costs

Fall River Propane makes managing your propane costs easy. Contact us today learn more about our delivery services, or to enroll in our Level Pay Budget Plan.

Find Out How Our New CAP Program Could Benefit You!

capped price program idahoYou’ve probably noticed that the price of everything has been changing lately—and not necessarily for the better. Groceries, clothes, household supplies, gasoline, everything has been in a state of flux.

That instability and unpredictability with your household expenses can be stressful. However, Fall River Propane can provide a lot of help when it comes to managing your propane costs!

Introducing Our CAP Price Program

Our CAP Price Program caps the price you’ll pay per gallon of propane all winter long. No matter what happens in the fuel markets, you won’t have to worry about your propane costs rising into unchartered territory.

Examine your previous year’s propane bills to see how the price per gallon of propane changed from month to month. Depending on the season, weather, supply and demand, natural disasters, and geopolitical challenges, the price of propane can fluctuate considerably.

However, with our CAP Price Program, you won’t have to worry about that! You agree to the rate per gallon of propane in your enrollment. You’ll never be charged more than that amount. What’s even better? If market prices for propane drop below the capped price, your price per gallon goes down. You get price protection as well as the potential for significant cost savings on your propane!

Did you know that heating your home makes up about half of your energy costs in the winter? If you heat your home with propane, using the CAP Price Program goes a long way towards getting better control of your household expenses.

You also get peace of mind because you’ll also receive our “Never Run-Out” guarantee. If you run out of propane while enrolled in the CAP Price Program, your next fill is FREE up to 500 gallons! *

Take Charge of Your Propane Costs

Because we’ve been around for decades, we understand that our customers have different needs and concerns when it comes to managing their propane costs. That’s why we make it easier for you to do just that with our payment options.

Level Pay is one of our more popular options. With Level Pay, customers who have been with us for more than a year can spread their propane costs over 12 easy, even monthly payments. You’ll know what you’re paying each month, no spikes, and no surprises. It makes the CAP Price Program even easier!

Customers can also enroll in our automatic payment program, where your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account. No stamps, no worries about the check getting to us on time.

Want to get in on our CAP Price Program? There’s still time left to enroll! Fill out the form on this page or get in touch if you have any questions—we’ll be happy to help.