Propane Fireplaces + Heating Stove Service & Repair

Discover the dependability of propane fireplaces and stoves for your home.

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Today’s propane appliances combine functionality with reliability, and they never cut corners on style and quality. People love propane appliances because they heat and power more evenly and efficiently. They also offer a cost-effective and energy-saving way to enhance your lifestyle.

High-efficiency propane stoves and fireplaces combine reliability and beauty with the features you love, providing an economical heating solution for your home while saving you money and delivering on the promise of sweet comfort.

Please note that while we continue to service all propane-powered fireplaces and stoves, but we do not sell or install new equipment of this kind at the current time.

Local, reliable fireplace and stove repair services.

At Fall River Propane, we can service and repair any make or model of stove or fireplace from any resource.

No matter what your style preference, whether it’s an indoor fireplace for the family to gather around or an outdoor fireplace, fire table or fire pit, we’ll keep it serviced and running strong. This includes modern see-through and vent-free fireplaces to traditional styles and inserts. You can rest easy we’ll always have you covered!

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What are the advantages of propane fireplaces and stoves for my home?

Why switch to a propane stove or fireplace? Just look at the benefits:

These are just a few of the reasons our customers have made the switch to propane, but there are plenty more. If you would like to learn more about propane fireplaces and stoves, or how we can help you service or repair yours, we’d love to talk more about it. Contact us today!