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Efficient, economical, environmentally friendly propane water heaters

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Hot water is essential for our daily living and comfort. From hot showers in the morning to those relaxing baths before bed, from washing your clothes to doing the dishes, a reliable supply of hot water just makes your life easier. Today’s propane water heaters deliver on that need, offering dependability, value and green solutions you will love.

Today’s propane water heaters are an efficient and economical choice

The right water heater can deliver evenly heated water while reducing your energy costs in the process. Propane water heaters are a safe, efficient and economical way to heat the water you need to keep your household running.

Fall River Propane has a long-standing, established partnership with Rinnai, a top producer of quality propane appliances and home comfort solutions. We install, repair, service, and maintain the complete range of Rinnai water heaters, giving you the benefit of one of America’s top appliance brands paired with our world-class service.

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The benefits of tankless propane hot water heaters

Tankless hot water heaters run on propane, giving you hot water on demand, and providing you with a range of other benefits. Tankless water heaters have a small footprint, allowing you to reclaim the space in your home that your old water heater has been occupying.

Water is heated only when needed, so there is no longer a need to hold hot water in reserve. This eliminates the need to keep water hot and helps you reduce your energy consumption in the process.

Other benefits of tankless water heaters include:

Choosing a long-lasting, dependable Rinnai product is always a smart choice. Rinnai offers several propane water heater models to suit your needs so you will never have to compromise on comfort.

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