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Fall River Propane has been delivering quality home comfort since 1999. For service, safety and reliability, there is no other residential or commercial propane delivery service that beats our best. For all of your propane needs, you have to make only one call, and Fall River Propane is at your service.

Added Comfort? Improved Efficiency? Choose Propane!

Quality, affordable propane gas for your home or business.

Propane is a safe, environmentally friendly, clean-burning fuel that can be used to heat your home, supply you with hot water, cook your food, light your fireplace, power your appliances and your vehicles, enhance your outdoor lifestyle and so much more. Read about all the ways you can use propane.

Even better, almost all of the propane we deliver is produced in the United States, giving us a sustainable source of fuel, strengthening our economy and reducing our dependency on foreign fuel sources.

Paired with the certified expertise of Fall River Propane technicians and backed by 70 years of excellence, you’ve got a winning combination that is sure to make your life more comfortable.



Propane is one of the safest fuels you can choose to power your home or business but you need to know the safety basics.



Propane has significantly fewer carbon emissions compared to other fuels, helping you do your bit for our planet.



Propane is very cost-effective for business or home use, and our programs help you save even more.

What are the advantages of clean-burning propane?

If you already use propane in your daily life, you know how versatile and economical it can be. If you are not yet a propane user, switching has never been easier!

Just some of the uses of propane include:

Home Heating
Water Heating
Wall Heaters
Gas Grills
Swimming Pools
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