Propane Delivery in Island Park, Idaho

Households and businesses in Island Park, Idaho, look to Fall River Propane for their propane needs.

propane delivery in island park, idaho

If you’re looking for propane delivery in Island Park, Idaho, look no further than Fall River Propane. We’ve been serving the people of Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Montana and Western Wyoming since 1999, first as part of Fall River Electric and now, as of 2004, as Fall River Propane. We make it easy to switch to propane, and even easier to stay!

At Fall River Propane, we offer the following propane products and services—and more—to the Island Park area!

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About Island Park, Idaho

Known for having the world’s longest Main Street—over 36 miles—Island Park, Idaho, is only 500 feet wide in some spots. This uniquely shaped town in Fremont County is just minutes from Yellowstone National Park and runs along Route 20.

Guests and locals alike are fascinated by the vast remains of an ancient volcano, which now exist as the Island Park Caldera and crosses over from Idaho into Wyoming. And the relatively newer Henry’s Fork Caldera, nestled within the Idaho portion of the Island Park Caldera, is yet another draw to this fascinating area!

Customer Reviews

“Fast & reliable service, friendly driver. Highly recommend.”
—Robert A.

“I see Fall River Propane out and about in Island Park all the time. Regular schedules and dependable.”
—Robert B.

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IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If you require emergency propane or service, or if you smell gas, please call us at 833-682-3671. Please do not email with an emergency.

Average Temperatures and Rainfall in Island Park, Idaho

Month High/Low Rainfall
January 27°F/4°F 11 days
February 32°F/6°F 8 days
March 39°F/13°F 7 days
April 49°F/22°F 6 days
May 60°F/32°F 6 days
June 70°F/38°F 6 days
July 79°F /43°F 4 days
August 79°F/41°F 4 days
September 69°F/33°F 4 days
October 54°F/25°F 5 days
November 37°F/15°F 7 days
December 27°F/5°F 10 days